Position title
Editorial Production Assistant

The Production Coordinatoris the Office’s primary interface between managing editors, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, and line editors; and coordinates editorial, production, and other issues and changes, and ensures that each successive version of editorial content in progress is updated as directed by managing editor.


· Actively and on a daily basis interact with Basecamp, Slack, Google Apps, and any calendaring or production platforms adopted by the bureau.

· Maintains and updates daily status or tracking grids capturing progress on editorial assignments.

· Monitors and tracks content performance for optimization.

· Reports problems and recommends solutions to appropriate stakeholders.

· Assist in the maintenance of publishing equipment and software, including scanners, large format printers, and other devices.



· Excellent, timely, and precise organizational skills; attention to detail; and multi-tasking abilities. Production deadlines are fast, sometimes requiring an hour or less turnaround. Content mistakes are untenable given the public and official nature of the content.

· Excellent ability to have a flexible, team-oriented approach to work. This position requires someone with stellar interpersonal skills to manage multiple relationships in order to move production and clearances forward.

· Strong negotiating skills and ability to and experience in convincing senior-level staff. May be called upon to present recommendations to senior-level staff.

· Experience in writing professionally and diplomatically as may be called upon to respond to senior-level taskers. Must demonstrate astute judgement in terms of tone, grammar, and phrasing when writing emails, cables, memos, reports, etc.

· Basic editorial skills including ability to implement changes in and maintain conformity among versions of a given text in multiple records including Microsoft Word, Excel, and other content management systems.

· Basic proofreading skills, sufficient to assure that changes reflect edits made by a division chief or managing editor.

· Ability to resize and crop images.

· Ability to learn FTP, Box, SharePoint, and other file storage solutions, including folder structures and file naming nomenclatures; and must possess a comprehensive knowledge of file transfer technologies and protocols.

· Must develop a working knowledge of bureau publishing technologies.

· Ability to generate URLs and other information required to publish content to the Internet using bureau publishing technologies and protocols. Familiarity with WordPress publishing.

· Knowledge of office production tools including CD-ROM drives, scanners, cloud-based and other file storage solutions.

· Ability to learn Adobe Acrobat and Creative Suite software to tag PDF files for §508 compliance, by adding to PDF files metadata elements enabling access to graphics by visually impaired individuals employing special assistive technologies such as screen readers; assuring full compliance with 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

· Ability to develop, in coordination with managers and team leads, a mutually acceptable project plan, which includes identification of the work to be done, the scope of the project, and deadlines for its completion. The production coordinator informs the Production Chief of potentially controversial findings, issues, or problems with widespread impact. Completed projects, evaluations, reports, or recommendations are reviewed by the Production Chief for compatibility with organizational goals, guidelines, and effectiveness in achieving intended objectives.


Employment Type
Full time, Contract
Job Location
Washington, DC
Date posted
January 10, 2020
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Position: Editorial Production Assistant

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