Our Clients

At JAB, we are focused on client satisfaction. We operate a business model with four key components:

  1. Strive to fully understand our client’s needs by using an open communication model that continues throughout the project life.
  2. Develop innovative, best-value solutions by assembling the finest industry partners, implementing cutting edge technology, and assigning competent and highly motivated individuals to the project.
  3. Intensively manage our client’s project to ensure quality metrics are met.
  4. Deliver on time and within budget.

The objective of our delivery strategy is to forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders from small to large businesses that maximize our capacity and technical capabilities. We are dedicated to assembling the very best team for our clients’ needs with a focus on providing our customers with a total streamlined solution.

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State Department
Defense Logistics Agency
Coast Guard
Dept of Veterans Affairs
Homeland Security
United States Army
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Dept of Defense
Internal Revenue Service
Defense Innovation Unit