Acquisition Support

JAB Innovative Solutions provides innovative acquisition and performance management practices in support of our Federal Government client. At JAB, we bring established relationships for seamless, transparent support. A unified management approach that has been proven—all transparent to our client—with a single point of management contact:

  • An organizational structure that has the attention of top corporate management;
  • Presence–we are already there; we understand and operate in the Federal procurement mission and the internal and external context that supports it;
  • Experience and processes from similar projects in over a dozen departments/agencies across the government;
  • Proven capability of retaining a first-rate acquisition support workforce;
  • Additional value including: process review, standardization, and improvement activities across task orders; an active Senior Advisory Group; and combined staffing capability for quick-turnaround support.
  • Qualified, experienced, and trsted subject matter experts (SMEs) leveraging “real world” past performance and guidance

JAB currently provides support from Pre-Award through Closeout. Download a PDF with more information.